The Primed Right! Ten (10) Year Limited Warranty:

Primed Right! products are subject to a Ten (10) Year Limited Warranty. Only products that have been manufactured by, or on behalf of Primed Right! are covered by this warranty.

In order to qualify for coverage under this warranty – the product alleged to be defective must still have the “Primed Right!” identifying sticker on the back of the product. Only products that have been properly cared for, properly protected, properly installed and properly coated will be covered under this warranty. Proper care and protection includes, but is not limited to, storage of the product in buildings that are fully protected from the weather and by not subjecting the primed product to the elements until a proper finish coat has been properly applied by the end user. Proper coating includes, but is not limited to, immediately coating or painting untreated edges after cutting, machining or shaping the product. Additionally – prior to applying any paint or coating to the primed faces or edges of this product – the end-user must apply a small amount of the proposed coating to an area of the product that will not be visible on the finished product. This is a critical test to avoid any negative reaction between the proposed finish coat and the primer already on the product – and it is the sole responsibility of the end-user to make this test prior to painting.

It remains the sole responsibility of the end-user to carefully inspect all Primed Right! products for potential defects in manufacture prior to use to minimize mutual risk in any claim. There is no guarantee or warranty neither expressed nor implied as to the products suitability for any particular application. It is the sole responsibility of the end user to test and only use Primed Right! products in applications that they know to be appropriate for the product. Any product found to be improperly manufactured will be replaced by the manufacturer, or at the option of the manufacturer, to issue credit in the amount of the purchase price of the material. This is the sole remedy for any claim, as any claim amount must not exceed the value of the material itself. There are no other warranties or guarantees, or remedies offered or implied other than the specifics noted above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: AsiaWood (HK) Limited will - by special request of our customers - manufacture products using an Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) substrate. Products made using an LVL substrate carry a one (1) limited warranty. With the exception of the expiration date of the warranty, all other terms and conditions of the warranty are exactly the same as stated above.