Quality Mouldings, Boards & Panels,
Properly Primed,
Independently Inspected
and Continually Tested.


Why Primed Right! is your BEST CHOICE:

High Quality Plantation Grown, Responsibly Harvested, Properly Kiln Dried Radiata Pine.

Premium Grade substrate that is 100% Clear and Free of Knots.

Our value priced Standard Grade is available where 80% of the pieces are still ‘’knot free’’ – allowing a maximum knot size of only 20mm in diameter – but only in a maximum of 20% of the pieces.

Ultra-thin 0.2mm scrim coat of filler to assures you of an exceptionally smooth final finish. We also offer the option of a product made using only Paintable Primer or Paint over the natural wood grain.

Your choice of a finish in a Paintable Primer - or we will custom-manufacture your product with a final coating of either Semi-Gloss (50 sheen) or Satin-Finish (38 sheen) Paint.

Profiles as small as 11.0mm (7/16’’) and Primed Boards as wide as 610.0mm (24’’). Lengths up to 6.1 Meter (20’)

All primers and adhesives used are moisture resistant.

All coatings, primers and paints are independently tested by S.G.S to assure products free of measurable Lead or other heavy metals.

When premium quality is just as important as competitive price… make sure your product is "Primed Right!"